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MyDHL+ gives you the possibility to digitally send the invoices to DHL, instead of adding paperwork to your shipment. In order to get this option activated, the following steps have to been taken:

1) You can find the Paperless Trade option under ‘My Shipment Settings’ and ‘Digital Customs Invoices’.

2) You will be lead to the page containing explanation about Digital Customs Invoices and the possibility to activate this service.

3) If you would like to activate Paperless Trade, you can click on ‘Yes, I would like to enroll’. Thereafter, you have two options. MyDHL+ will offer you to create custom invoices via the website every time you make a shipment and sent these through to DHL. If you would like to use this service, please click on ‘Yes’. In order to get Paperless Trade activated, please do upload a signature and a logo. Once uploaded, terms and conditions need to be accepted.

4) If you do not wish to use MyDHL+ to generate the customs invoice, but would like to digitally attach your own customs invoices, you need to enroll Paperless Trade by clicking on ‘No’. After that, the terms and conditions need to be accepted.

5) Once accepted, you will see the status ‘Enabled’ and you will be able to send the invoices online to DHL. You can stop this any time by clicking on ‘Pause’.

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